The Meatball Shop | NYC & Brooklyn


There is possibly only one time when saying your food “tastes like balls” is a good thing. Head over to The Meatball Shop, home to some of the best tasting balls around. (Insert inappropriate thoughts here)! Your experience begins, when upon siting down you are supplied with a dry erase marker, allowing you to customize the menu and craft the perfect dish just for you. Try one of their daily specials, get your meatballs (of varying varieties) on a bed of vegetables, opt for their sliders, sample a side of their risotto, it’s up to you! My personal favorite is getting the “naked balls” (I know…I know), putting it on top of a bowl of broccoli, and adding the parmigiana cream sauce.

For drinks I personally love their house sangria and for a non-alcoholic option they also have a great iced sweet tea! Just a note…it is beer and wine only. Then don’t even get me started on desserts. Homemade ice-cream sandwiched (if you so choose) in between some pretty delectable, and often changing, freshly made cookie options. It doesn’t get much better than that friends.

Conveniently located in the Lower East Side, West Village, Chelsea, and Williamsburg…enjoy the deliciousness and simplicity of a menu created entirely off…well…balls!

IMG_3333 IMG_3334


The Insatiable Culturalite


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